A company logo is an individual graphic sign that represents a brand, company activities, and its philosophy. A logo is a visual expression of the content of a business. By the logo, customers make up the first impression, and by it the audience distinguishes the company from its competitors. The logo should accurately express the essence of the business and make it stand out in the market.




The logo is a symbol of the company, by which it will be recognized, which will be noticeable and a sign of the target audience. To design a logo correctly means to distinguish a company from competitors, to form customer loyalty.


Goods and services

The logo will make your company's marketing more expressive and memorable. And if the developed logo favorably emphasizes the individuality of the brand, the results will significantly increase.


Results of work

By creating and using a logo, you indicate your authorship, your community with the product. On the one hand, by this you are expressing your right to it, fencing yourself off from fakes and imitators. On the other hand, you protect the consumer by guaranteeing the quality of the offered products.


With a company

Associative rows play an important role in a prospect's purchasing decision. The color, shape, and message of the logo will allow the formation of associations that encourage contact and cooperation with the brand. Logo design relies heavily on possible associations.


Of your brand

The appearance of products, branding elements, websites, social media profiles - all of this depends on the logo. A company that uses a quality logo is visually attractive from all angles, which is especially important in this era of love through the visual perception.

Development steps


Comprehensive project analysis

– Getting to know your business, its field of activity.

– Understanding the philosophy, key ideas that drive your company.

– We analyze the existing visual components of the brand.


Environmental research

– We study the positioning of the business in the market.

– We evaluate competitors' logos.

– We make an overview of the best solutions in the field.

– We analyze the target audience.


Formation of 3 unique concepts by visualization

– We form 3 concepts of the future logo.

– The proposed images differ in stylistic and color solutions.

– You choose the logo that is closest in spirit to your business and meets its goals.


Presentation to the Client

– We will show you the revised logo, along with the rationale for its final appearance.

– We discuss the results of the work.

– We make a list of final improvements.


Final improvements

– We're putting the finishing touches on your comments.

– We «pack» the developed layouts with your logo

– You get a ready-made logo that is attractive to clients and investors.

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