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Composite site

Unique technology for the production of sites combines high speed of loading a static site and all the features dynamic site. User instantly receives page content.

What is the benefit?


Download without waiting

Site response using composite technology the site is littered up to 100 times


First search items

Fast loading sites have priority in ranking Yandex and Google


Fast and efficient

When the user does not feel problems with download speed, he makes a purchase faster

Usual site

Lack of dynamic content

  • – Long HTML loading (0.2 to 0.6 sec.)
  • – Even longer loading of images and page content (up to 4 sec.)
  • – While the page is loading, your competitor is already selling the product to the customer ...

Composite site

Separation of the static and dynamic parts

  • – HTML instant loading
  • – The dynamic part is loaded when the user can already work with page content
  • – The static part of the site is cached and loaded instantly

1C-Bitrix License

Site management

1C-Bitrix license cost for implementation functional "composite site" begins from 5 400 rub. for minimal functionality.

Depending on customer requests, cost licenses range up to 400,000 rubles. But most often for site development Small Business License Used worth 35 900 rubles. Such a license Great for online shopping.

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