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mmore then 200 projects completed
3 years on the market
23 specialist agency staff
Our mission

Our mission

Create the best internet projects that generate value and income for market leaders, large and small companies, startups and government organizations throughout Russia.

Мой бизнес
La Premiere
Корпорация развития Иркутской области
Фонд поддержки предпринимательства

Our principles

Full construction

Long-term cooperation only

Development of Internet projects until full agreement and the effect of WOW Each client can count on quality and long-term maintenance, design, maintenance and complex promotion of the Company on the Internet.

Beauty and aesthetics

Benefits that can be experienced

Any product has a clear task, solution which our team has been doing for of the entire development and successfully solves the assigned tasks, bringing customers tangible benefits - material or image.

Transparent and understandable prices

Detal'naya smeta na kazhdyy proyekt

The price of a product is made up of the total functionality for solving a specific tasks. We do not offer our clients useless functionality for them.

The client always clearly understands the price of the product and can verify it in detail the painted estimate.

Unique internet projects

No templates and "marketplaces"

We create projects with a unique design that solve the business problems of our clients. For each the project carries out detailed analytics and immersion in the specifics of the Company's business processes. We provide two design concepts for choosing the best solution.

At the founding of the agency, I set only one goal - create the best sites for the best clients. Unique projects that are focused on results.

Ruslan Zakharov

Founder of the Agency

Frontend developer is the liaison in the project development process, uniting the huge work of the whole team, and it is he who is responsible for what the user sees in the browser.

Valentina Akhmadiyeva

Frontend Developer

The main job of a project manager is to understand the client's business processes, organize a team and provide conditions for the fulfillment of all tasks, while acting in the interests of the company.

Victoria Tagirova

Project Manager

My task is releasing the project in its best form and on time. To achieve this result, I pay a lot of attention to precise coordination of the work of specialists and optimization of internal processes.

Max Arsentiev

Project Manager

Web designer is the person who is responsible for the visual design of the site. He is engaged in creating a logical structure, thinks over solutions for presenting information and creates a stylish website design.

Alyona Afonina

Web Designer

Head of Branding. Julia creates strategy, doing research and shaping the visual component of the future of the Brand.

Yulia Kaplina

Graphic Designer

Engaged in site layout, customization interactivity and filling sites with content.

Dmitry Vetlov

Frontend Developer

There are no bad programming languages and frameworks - everyone can be fit in certain conditions.

Alexander Byrgazov

Backend Developer

Engaged in site layout, customization interactivity and filling sites with content.

Ekaterina Truschina

Frontend Developer

Compliance with the scheme between templates and functions allows you to most effectively solve the problems facing the client's business.

Ekaterina Pelikhova

Web Designer

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